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10 May 2016

My Birth Story


As mentioned in my previous update a date was set for a planned caesarean, due to the position of one of my twins being in breech. A date was set two weeks before my c-section, which gave me some time to prepare before the big day. The night before my caesarean I barely slept. I wasn't nervous about the operation itself but more so, nervous of being a mother and a mother of twins. Everyone mentioned beforehand how hard twins are and that was constantly whirling around in my head and it was a reminder that my life was going to change dramatically. On the morning of the 3rd March 2016, my husband and I loaded our bags into the car and set off for the hospital. When we arrived we went to the reception desk and informed them we were here and sat in the waiting area. Shortly after a nurse arrived and led us to a bay, where I was given a bed and a gown to change into. My husband was given some scrubs and a hairnet. Then the tightest stockings ever were put on my legs and then I walked to the theater room which was located somewhere upstairs. Due to the gown being a little too small and not fitting the back of me due to my huge bump, I cuddled a sheet around the back of me to stop me exposing myself.

When I entered the theatre room, I was instructed to sit on the edge of the operating table and then I was hooked up to an IV drip along with a blood pressure monitor. Once those were in place, it was time to inject the anaesthetic for the procedure. I sat hunched over, my chin deep in my chest, clutching a pillow calmly reciting dhikr which helped as they inserted the needle. Thankfully they managed to get the needle in the right spot the first time and then I was instructed to lay down. It was difficult to lay down on my back, due to the numbing effect but I was quickly told do not lay on my side. Once I was on my back and everything was prepped then my husband was called into the room. Checks were first performed to ensure that I was numb, which I was and then an incision was made. The rest of the operation was a bit of a blur if I'm honest. I thought I would remember more details but everything happened so quickly, I don't think it had time to sink in.

Within moments of the incision being made, my daughter was being pulled out, As she was coming out, I heard one of the surgeons say that she had the cord wrapped around her neck twice. After hearing this I started to worry but thankfully alhamdulillah a few seconds later I heard a loud cry. A few minutes later my son was being pulled out and there was a discussion about how big the placenta was. After they were both out they were given a rub down, weighed, dressed and passed to me. My daughter was born weighing 3.3kg and my son was born two minutes later weighing 3.7kg. Excluding two placentas, water and such, their combined weights were 7kg subhan'Allah. Just after the twins were born one of the operating staff recited some ayah from the Qur'an which was "Allahu Ahsanu Alkhaliqeena" which translates roughly to Allah is the best of creators. Shortly after they were born one of the midwives asked if I wanted the twins to have the Vitamin K injection. I told her no, as I wanted to have the drops instead. She was pretty persistent about the injections but I insisted on the drops, which she advised would be given later. This unfortunately never happened and the injection was given but that's another story.

After I had been stitched up, the twins and I were whisked off to the recovery room. We stayed there for thirty minutes whilst my blood pressure was checked and I was given the chance to do skin-to-skin and initiate breastfeeding. My blood pressure stabilised and after some time, it was time for me to leave the recovery room and I was carted off downstairs. There were no beds available in the delivery ward, so I ended up in another section which had a few beds. I can't remember what ward it was but there were, a mixture of  pregnant ladies and ladies who had just delivered their babies. Shortly after, my husband finally found me in that ward. He told me he'd been searching for me and it was a bit of a mission to find me. Some time after we were taken to the delivery ward. When we arrived there still wasn't a bed available. At this point, we requested a private room as we had wanted one anyways, so my husband could stay overnight with us and luckily there was one available. Once we were taken to our room and we got to spend some time together just the four of us. Throughout the rest of the day and night, my husband did most of the nappy changes as I was unable to move. I spent most of the time just resting and trying to establish breastfeeding with both of my children.

Due to my gestational diabetes, all of our blood sugars were monitored closely. Thankfully they stabilised, although my daughter's did dip a little low  as she was a little lazy feeding. One of the midwives suggested giving her some formula and she was fed a small amount in a cup by a midwife. I had my caesarean around 2pm and was told that around 9pm I could have my catheter out. I requested begged to have it removed after 9pm so many times but each time my request was ignored. Finally the next morning at 9am it was removed and the bag was really full! After it was removed I was free to walk around. Initially, when I tried to get out of the bed, I got up a little too quickly and fell straight back down. I spent most of Friday daytime resting while my husband left for jummah prayers which one of the midwives had a real issue with this but that's another story} and I took the babies to be checked over by the doctor.

On Friday afternoon, I was advised that if my iron levels were okay and there were no other complications, I could be discharged that day. My blood was taken and sent off to the lab to check the levels. Thankfully my iron levels were a little low but not low enough to need a blood transfusion, so I was discharged around 8pm on Friday. I entered the hospital the previous day as a pregnant girl and now left as a new mother of two, alhamdulillah.

17 April 2016

Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

Third Trimester

This trimester is when things started to get tougher. Up until I'd say thirty weeks or so things were manageable but after that is when it started to change. Backache, a constant heavy feeling down there, along with waddling like a penguin were something I dealt with in these few weeks. At the beginning of this trimester, I found out that I was deficient in B12, which didn't surprise me considering I was taking Metformin. to control my blood sugar, which in turn causes the deficiency. Due to this deficiency, I had to have a round of injections to bring my levels up. The injections were very painful but bearable. On my twenty-eight week scan, both twins were estimated to weigh around 1.3kg each. I had a further three scans {which brought my total number of scans to five, for this trimester} at thirty-two, thirty-four and thirty-six weeks, which gave a final estimated weight of over 3kg for each twin. Week thirty is when my belly button finally popped out and my stomach began to get real itchy. I would use a dry body brush to gently relief the itchiness, it helped considerably along with aloe vera gel. After a check-up at thirty-four weeks, I was prescribed blood pressure tablets to lower my blood pressure. My blood pressure was a little high (130/90) but not sky high. By the end of this trimester and my pregnancy in total, I had been prescribed extra folic acid, iron tablets, metformin, insulin, antibiotics, blood pressure tablets along with a course of steroids and b12 injections.  At thirty-six weeks I spent a night in hospital, due to needing steroid injections. The injections were to help the babies lungs mature and to help with their breathing at birth. Due to having gestational diabetes and being prescribed insulin {which I never took but that's a whole other story}, I had to to have my blood sugars monitored regularly, as steroids can make them high. Thankfully my blood sugar was fine and I was discharged the following day. The Friday before my operation I went for my final appointment and scan. The first twin was still in breech which pretty much confirmed the need for a caesarean. A few hours after that I went for a pre-op assessment, was given some tablets to take prior to the operation and gave some swab and blood samples. 

Then on the 3rd of March 2016 is when my pregnancy journey came to an end and my birth story began...

1 April 2016

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Miracle Oil

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil

Another addition to the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour family is an all over miracle oil. The oil provides head-to-toe conditioning benefits for the body, face and hair and is proven to moisturise for a minimum of eight hours, The uses for the miracle oil are endless from a massage oil to a cuticle softener to a hair oil. I love applying a few spritz of this to my face and my hair seeing as it's a little pricey to use as a body oil in my opinion. If you love the original Eight Hour Cream but want that extra bit of TLC, then this product gives you just that. 
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