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22 April 2015

The Wet Brush Paddle Brush

Wet Brush Paddle Brush Review

I've spoken before about my undying love for my Tangle Teezer. Well I may have just found a replacement, cue The Wet Brush Paddle Brush* (£13.99). I admit before using this and just looking at it, I had visions of it barely getting through my very knotty hair but I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to brush my hair with minimal pain. The brushes bristles are very flexible but at the same time strong. The flexible bristles are what makes the brush pain free to use. I use it on wet and dry hair and it doesn't pull my hair and cause any unnecessary damage to my hair. Between The Wet Brush and Tangle Teezer, I have to say that The Wet Brush comes up on top for me due the handle it has and ease of use compared to the latter. I  My only complaint is that it can be a little tricky to clean the brush, especially if you have long hair like mine. I have however discovered that there is a brush cleaner available from Wet Brush which costs around £5 on Amazon. I've yet to try that but it does look like a nifty tool which would effectively remove most of the hair and fluff from the brush. 

What's your favourite type of hair brush?

15 April 2015

A Day Trip To Cologne Germany

Recently my other half and I travelled to Cologne, Germany for a mini getaway. There wasn't any particular reason for visiting, we just wanted to visit Germany and Cologne seemed like a nice city to visit. We set off on a Friday night and seven hours later after passing through France and Belgium we arrived in Cologne.

Where We Stayed
We wanted to stay somewhere central but not too pricey. We opted for the Hotel Ibis Budget Kolen Messe (Address: Brügelmannstraße 7, Köln). In addition to that we also opted for the continental buffet breakfast. The hotel had free WIFI (which was a pretty decent speed), on-site parking and amenities close by, such as a Shell petrol station along with Lidl (Address: Deutz-Mülheimer-Str. 140-144, Mülheim Köln). The nearest tram station (Deutz Koelnmesse) was a mere five minute walk away.

Places Visited
We ventured out early Saturday morning and the first thing we decided to do was walk to the Cologne Chairlift from our hotel which took around thirty minutes. We walked along the bridge pictured and we got to see a bit of the river and the city. It cost €4.50 for a one way ticket or €6.50 for a return.

After jumping off the chairlift we strolled through Rhein Park which comprises of 40 hectares of parkland stretch along the river Rhine between the boroughs of Mülheim and Deutz.

After a walk through the park we headed for what's known as the "locking bridge" due to the millions of padlocks people have locked on to the bridge. Hohenzollernbucke is one of the most heavily used railway bridges in Germany and connects the Köln Hauptbahnhof and Köln Messe/Deutz stations.

Reaching the end of our stroll along the bridge we reached, what was once the tallest building in the world, the Cologne Cathedral. It's is probably one of the most known attractions in Cologne and rightly so. Construction of the cathedral started in 1248 and was completed in 1880. Standing at a massive 145m tall it was the tallest building in the world until 1884.

There were a few other places I would of liked to have visited, unfortunately due to time constraints it wasn't possible to do so.  For getting around I found City Maps 2 Go Pro was great to use as it could be used offline and I also made a map with lots of useful locations marked. 

Eating Out
We didn't really get the chance to eat traditional German food due to lack of interest of trying it and I guess we were a little weary of accidentally ordering something with pork in. There's a lots of halal restaurants dotted around Cologne as it has a sizeable Muslim population. There were also a few kebab restaurants located around the city centre which were halal.

It was a short but sweet visit to Cologne. I really wish we had the chance to stay another day to explore and perhaps venture more out of the city centre and into the suburbs.

Where you have you visited recently? 

24 March 2015

Chemist Direct Haul

Chemist Direct Haul And Review

There's nothing better than shopping, online that is. I was recently contacted by Chemist Direct and asked if I wanted to review their site and place an order with them. I have previously reviewed the Derma Oil (£7.50) which is an exclusive item to Chemist Direct. I still regularly use it and I'd highly recommend it as an alternative to Bio Oil.

As you can see from my haul, Chemist Direct have a wide range of items available from medicines to supplements to cosmetics and toiletries. The brands include ones you'd find on the high street and those which are more mid range. They also offer a service where you can purchase prescription items from them, providing you have a valid prescription. If you don't, you can have a consultation with an online doctor whom can prescribe something for your ailment. In addition to prescription services, there's also self testing kits where you can give a sample to see if you have diabetes, a high cholesterol or another condition. The site itself is very easy to use and items can easily be defined into various categories and sorted price wise.

Here's a list of the items I chose → Faith In Nature Tea Tree Shampoo (£4.99); Palmers Olive Butter Organic Therapy Cream (£1.97); Vitabiotics Feroglobin B12 Liquid (£4.15); Vitabiotics Osteocare Liquid (£3.99); Epsom Salts (£2.59); Dr Johnson's Antiseptic Spray 100mlFisherman's Friend Aniseed Lozenge (£0.60); Halls Soothers Cherry (£0.59); Olbas Bath (£3.32); Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion (£4.29); Sarakan Mouthfresh Alcohol Free (£2.69); Green People Fennel Toothpaste (£2.99) & Faith in Nature Seaweed Shampoo (£4.49).

I received a voucher for my order and had no problems redeeming that. However when it came to the delivery of all of my items I had some issues. With my order I ordered one box of aspirin 75mg and two boxes of paracetamol tablets. When placing the order I was asked the reasons for why I was purchasing the items. The items I chose can be purchased from any chemist or supermarket freely, I might add. After placing my order I received an email from the pharmacy advising me that they couldn't approve my order for 75mg of aspirin and instead recommended 300mg. I replied to that email within a few hours advising I understood and that I wanted to change my order and replace the 75mg of aspirin for the 300mg. The next day I received another email reminding me to reply to the initial email about the aspirin. I replied saying I had previously responded and attached my response again. It looks like my responses weren't taken into consideration as I received a despatch email with the paracetamol and aspirin missing. Then five days after placing my order I received another email informing me that one of the items I had ordered, had been discontinued and therefore that item was unable to be fulfilled. Two days after that email I received a dispatch email giving me the link to track my parcel. Apart from the issues I had with my order, the delivery was pretty speedy and hassle free. My items were despatched via Hermes and I received them the following day. It took around 9/10 days for me to receive my order from placing it.

I have spoken with Chemist Direct after mentioning the above issues I had and they have apologised for the delay with my order and have assured me that the issues I had, would be fed back to the relevant departments so they don't occur again. Despite the issues I had I would give Chemist Direct another chance as I do like the fact they stock a wide range of items which are well priced.

Where do you like to shop online for your everyday toiletries?
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