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17 April 2016

Third Trimester Pregnancy Update

Third Trimester

This trimester is when things started to get tougher. Up until I'd say thirty weeks or so things were manageable but after that is when it started to change. Backache, a constant heavy feeling down there, along with waddling like a penguin were something I dealt with in these few weeks. At the beginning of this trimester, I found out that I was deficient in B12, which didn't surprise me considering I was taking Metformin. to control my blood sugar, which in turn causes the deficiency. Due to this deficiency, I had to have a round of injections to bring my levels up. The injections were very painful but bearable. On my twenty-eight week scan, both twins were estimated to weigh around 1.3kg each. I had a further three scans {which brought my total number of scans to five, for this trimester} at thirty-two, thirty-four and thirty-six weeks, which gave a final estimated weight of over 3kg for each twin. Week thirty is when my belly button finally popped out and my stomach began to get real itchy. I would use a dry body brush to gently relief the itchiness, it helped considerably along with aloe vera gel. After a check-up at thirty-four weeks, I was prescribed blood pressure tablets to lower my blood pressure. My blood pressure was a little high (130/90) but not sky high. By the end of this trimester and my pregnancy in total, I had been prescribed extra folic acid, iron tablets, metformin, insulin, antibiotics, blood pressure tablets along with a course of steroids and b12 injections.  At thirty-six weeks I spent a night in hospital, due to needing steroid injections. The injections were to help the babies lungs mature and to help with their breathing at birth. Due to having gestational diabetes and being prescribed insulin {which I never took but that's a whole other story}, I had to to have my blood sugars monitored regularly, as steroids can make them high. Thankfully my blood sugar was fine and I was discharged the following day. The Friday before my operation I went for my final appointment and scan. The first twin was still in breech which pretty much confirmed the need for a caesarean. A few hours after that I went for a pre-op assessment, was given some tablets to take prior to the operation and gave some swab and blood samples. 

Then on the 3rd of March 2016 is when my pregnancy journey came to an end and my birth story began...

1 April 2016

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Miracle Oil

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Oil

Another addition to the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour family is an all over miracle oil. The oil provides head-to-toe conditioning benefits for the body, face and hair and is proven to moisturise for a minimum of eight hours, The uses for the miracle oil are endless from a massage oil to a cuticle softener to a hair oil. I love applying a few spritz of this to my face and my hair seeing as it's a little pricey to use as a body oil in my opinion. If you love the original Eight Hour Cream but want that extra bit of TLC, then this product gives you just that. 

16 February 2016

Gender Reveal (+ An Update)

Twins Gender Reveal Photo

I've known since my twenty week scan the gender of each twin but wanted to wait until further scans before revealing it. As soon as my husband and I found out, we had our family members pestering us to tell them. Everyone of course was overjoyed for us when we told them the news; we were expecting a baby girl and a baby boy. We had no preference in regards to gender, my husband thought it would either be two boys or one of each and I thought the same. In subsequent scans I have clearly seen that they are definitely a girl and a boy, after sonographers pointing the body parts of each twin out to me. Twin one is a girl and is in breech and twin two is a boy and is head down. In my thirty four week scan baby girl was estimated to weight around 2.5kg {5.5 lbs} and baby boy around 2.6kg {5.7 lbs}. Due to the position of twin one {baby girl} my consultant has booked a date for a caesarean, which is likely to be on 1st or 2nd March. On 23rd February I have to go and have some steroid injections to help strengthen their lungs, as they will be born around thirty seven weeks of gestation. After that I have another scan and appointment on 26th February. Considering all of that, it's most likely by the end of February or beginning of March I will be a mommy {إن شاء الله‎}.

Please keep us in your prayers. ♥
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