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26 November 2015

First Trimester Pregnancy Update

Already In My Heart Someday In My Arms

Week 4 - Week 13

As you may know from my last post I'm pregnant with twins. I want to document my pregnancy here on my blog but feel I won't have enough to say for weekly updates, so I'm going to do three trimester updates along with a few baby related posts in between. My husband and I found out on 10th July which was during the last week of Ramadan. I wanted to wait until the twelve week scan to tell anyone else, where as my husband on the other hand wanted to shout it from the rooftops from day one. We decided to wait until Eid ul-Fitr (which was on 17th July) to tell close family members, as I figured it would be a nice surprise. Everyone of course was super happy and excited for us.

I told my doctor at six weeks and started getting the ball rolling. I paid for a private scan at eight weeks to put my mind at ease, as I experienced some spotting during the first few weeks. I had joked to my husband before the scan, that I might be carrying twins as I have twins in my family. Lo and behold at the scan we were told there were two babies with their own separate sacs. I burst into tears of happiness after hearing the news as I really did expect the worst after all the spotting.

I had my first midwife appointment at nine weeks which consisted of form filling, a blood test and a urine test.  The next appointment was my ultrasound at exactly twelve weeks. During the scan we got to see both of the heartbeats and all arms and legs of both babies. I decided to opt for the combined screening test which came back as low risk. The result wouldn't of changed my mind about keeping the babies. During the scan the sonographer told me I should of had a longer appointment as it's twins. I did tell my midwife but it looks as if it wasn't updated, despite her writing all over my maternity folder "twins". The scan confirmed that the twins have their own sac and placenta each. Until twelve weeks I had to take extra folic acid (for which I had to prompt my doctor for a prescription) and from twelve weeks a baby aspirin daily to help reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia.

During the first trimester I experienced a number of symptoms ranging from nausea (with no vomiting), tiredness, extreme hunger, feeling full very quickly and needing to go to the bathroom a lot. Towards the end of the trimester the bottom of my stomach started to turn hard. In regards to food cravings, one of my major cravings was chips especially micro chips and chip shop chips - heck any chips I could get my hands on. Orange juice was drunk by the litre even though it's not necessarily the best thing to drink considering all the sugar.

Please keep us in your duaas {prayers}. ♥

6 November 2015

I'm Pregnant... With Twins!

I'm Pregnant!

You may have noticed my absence from my blog recently, well that's because something very special has happened... I'm pregnant and I'm expecting twins! The pregnancy itself was long awaited and the twins were a complete but wonderful shock. My husband and I couldn't be happier to become parents for the first time to two little ones إن شاء الله.

We found out during the last week of Ramadan on the 10th July. A week or so before that I had some weird pulling and stretching sensations in my stomach and some aches and pains in certain areas. I also got more tired easily and would fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I took a test six days before my period was due and got a very, very faint line, so faint I thought I was seeing things. I retook another test two days later and the line was more stronger and definitely positive.

I'm planning to document my pregnancy journey to keep as a memory to look back and will be sharing my first trimester update shortly.

Please keep us in your prayers. ♥ 

12 October 2015

My New Autumn Watch From JORD Wood Watches

Jord Wood Watch Cora Maple & Silver Review
Jord Wood Watch Cora Maple & Silver Autumn Accessory
Jord Wood Watch Cora Maple & Silver Close Up Of Dial & Strap

JORD Wood Watch in Cora Maple & Silver* (£177)

For me wood reminds me of autumn and with autumn upon our doorsteps, there's no better time to introduce my new wood watch from JORD. When I initially came across JORD wood watches, my first thought was how can a watch be made from wood? After reading about the concept of wood watches and wearing one of their wood watches for a couple of weeks now, I'm pleased at how beautifully wood watches look and work.  Each watch is hand crafted and very well done so. There's a huge range of watches to chose from ranging from various colours of wood and dial faces. After much debating about which watch to go for, I chose the Cora Watch in Maple & Silver. The watch strap comes in a maple wood finished with a silver dial which is decorated with swarovski crystal markers. The watch itself is automatic and simply needs to be wound up meaning it needs no battery. It's incredibly lightweight considering it's made of wood but it's very well made. The clasp of the watch is easy to open/close and very secure. The watch comes presented in a beautiful hand-crafted wooden box along with a one year warranty. Overall I'm very happy with the watch and can't wait to get more wear out of it. It's a classic piece which I doubt will come off after my wrist when autumn ends.

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