Balm Balm Frankincense Facial Skin Care Gift Set

Since going paraben free I've become more picky about the skincare products that I use. After all the skin is the body's largest organ and it deserves lots of love and tlc. Balm Balm recently sent me their Frankincense Gift Set to try out. The gift set contains a cleansing balm, a facial tonic and facial oil. Frankincense is said to be good for the skin as it's calming and soothing. 

The set contains three wonderfully effective organic products to keep your skin feeling happy, healthy and youthful. Made from organic oils and waxes, each product will work synergistically with all skin types. This is because your skin will absorb as much or as little of their precious ingredients as it needs. Use them individually or in our 1,2,3, routine for really healthy, glowing skin.

Frankincense is well known for its rejuvenating effect on the skin but did you know that it is also reputed to improve deep breathing and thus improve circulation? Good circulation reflects in beautiful skin so... take a deep breath with our wonderful Frankincense Facial products and let your skin breathe too. 

I start to reach for a deep cleansing balm when winter draws closer. There's nothing better than removing your make up with a balm and a warm muslin cloth. Even though this pot is mere 30ml size which doesn't sound that much, a little of the balm certainly goes along way. All that's needed is a small piece of the balm, heated between your fingertips and then massaged into the skin. The balm easily removes make up with a breeze and it does a good job at removing eye makeup too but I did find it irritated my eyes a little, so I wouldn't recommend it for that.

After cleansing comes toning and what's better than a sooth facial tonic spritz? I spritz two pumps of the Frankincense Soothing Facial Tonic 30ml over my face allow it to sink and then sweep a cotton wool pad over my face. This makes my skin feel refreshed whilst toning my skin too. It also doesn't contain any alcohol which is a big winner for me, as most facial toning mists tend to be loaded with harsh alcohol based ingredients.

I've been put off from using facial oils in the past for fear that I would end up making my skin uber oily. However I may have just been converted to facial oils. I find one to two drops of this facial oil (depending on how dry my skin feels) is enough to cover my whole face. The bottle comes with a pipette which allows you to control how much oil you use which stops you pouring too much out. Combined with a little facial massage it leaves my skin looking fresh and glowy. It's personally not something that I would use on a daily basis but more so on a "every other day" basis. 

A good muslin cloth is a must needed aid for any cleansing balm. I particularly like ones which are strong, durable and have a slightly exfoliating weave to them. The muslin cloth included with the gift set is made from organic cotton and cut by hand in Bexhill on Sea. It dries quickly too which means it can be chucked in the wash basket as soon as it's ready to be washed.

I'd highly recommend checking out Balm Balm's products as I love the fact that all their products are made from natural, organic ingredients and they're affordable. I have my new winter skincare routine sorted for sure.

The full range of Balm Balm products can be found on their website.
For those outside the UK Balm Balm products can be bought from Feel Unique.


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  2. Wow, you have such an amazing blog - been following it for a while now!
    I love the blog design, lovely posts as well x Keep in touch :)

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  3. Lovely post, would be interested in trying them out! I also love that they are natural..thanks for sharing xxxx

  4. Hi there. Just a note from all of us at Balm Balm to say thanks for the review and kind words x

  5. This sounds like such a nice range! I love cleansing balms so will definitely look into trying the Frankinsence Deep Cleansing Balm out. It's so affordable too considering that it's organic. :) x

    Beauty In My Mind - Beauty Blog UK


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