5 FAQ I Get Asked As A Twin Mother

Everyone loves twins, right? They're a real curiosity. There's a few questions that I always get asked as a twin mum, so I thought I'd share the answers with you.

Their Gender
What are they? Two girls? Two boys? Actually, they're a girl and a boy. That's my daughter (points to the baby dressed in pink) and that's my son (points to the baby dressed in boy). Yes I am one of those parents who play into colour stereotypes for their children.

Are They Your First?
Yes they are my first. They were my first pregnancy and subsequently my first children. I went from a mother of zero to a mother of two in just under five minutes.

Are They Identical?
Even after finding out that they are different genders, people still ask this question. No they are not identical and it's extremely rare that they would be identical. My daughter and son look completely different to each other in terms of skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, birthmarks, ect. 

Are You Going To Have Any More Kids?
Whoa hang on, I only gave birth five minutes ago. I haven't even thought of what I'm going to have for dinner tonight, let alone plans for future children. 

Did You Have IVF?
No I didn't have IVF. Who knows the reason why I have twins, it could be PCOS, genetics, medication or my weight? The possibilities are endless.

Mamas, what questions are you constantly asked as a parent?


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What's your favourite shampoo?
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