Halal Baby Food

As you may or may not know, my family and I eat halal meat and this is pretty important to us. Whilst weaning my children, I have found that most of the prepared baby foods out there contain meat which isn't halal. After wandering the baby aisles of my local Asda, I discovered the For Aisha meals which contain ethically sourced halal meat. They have a wide range meals which include five different meals for 7m+ and three different meals for 10m+.

The first meal we tried from the range was Shepherd's Pie and it was an instant hit. My son loved it and kept indicating to me that he wanted more. My daughter liked it as well but she preferred the chicken and sweet potato meal, as she has a bit more of a sweet tooth. I like the fact that there is a mixture of difference cuisines available in the range from British classics to Asian dishes. Each of the meals we have tried, have been quickly devoured and enjoyed. We have tried all of the meals from both stages and the main difference I have found between the 7m+ and 10m+ pouches, are the that the 10m+ pouches contain small chunks of soft cooked vegetables, whereas the 7m+ pouches are more of a thick puree.

For me, these meals perfect for when I'm pressed for time or when we are out and there isn't something suitable for them to eat. I tend to find that when eating out most dishes include a lot of salt and/or spice which isn't ideal. I highly recommend trying out some of the meals from the range. In my opinion, there's something to suit every baby (there's even a veggie option) and it's a great way for babies to explore new tastes and flavours. The full range of 7m+ pouches are available from Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Whole Foods and Boots and the range of 10m+ pouches are available from Asda. You can find your nearest stockist here.

What's your favourite meal from the range?

For Aisha Stage 2 (7m+) Pouches £1.45 each* // For Aisha Stage 3 (10m+) Pouches £1.95 each*

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