Things I've Learnt About Motherhood

It seems like only yesterday I was welcoming my beautiful babies into the world. Fast forward twelve months, they are no longer babies but little people with their own personalities. I've emerged from being a somewhat self-centered person to devoting myself completely to not one but two new tiny humans. Of course, during this transition, it's meant that a lot of big changes and adjustments were made and along the way I've learnt a few things. 

People Will Always Give Their Opinion
During the first few weeks after my children were born, I was given loads of incorrect information and advice by various people. Some of it was useful and the rest not so much. There will always be comments made and unless you're looking for advice just take it on the chin. People will always have something to say and there's not much you can really do about it. 

Don't Compare Yourself To Others
While scrolling through Instagram I often find I'm subconsciously comparing myself to other mothers. I look others pictures in awe, wondering how they manage to do it. At times I feel like I'm a bad or lazy mother because I can't take my babies to all those amazing baby classes or do anything exciting without an extra pair of hands. Being a mother is hard work but being a mother to twins is just that little bit extra tough. Reminding myself constantly how much of an illusion social media is and that it should be taken with a pinch of salt, has helped me deal a lot with this guilt.

Take Each Day As It Comes
When I try to reflect upon the first year of motherhood, it seems like a bit of a blur. The first few months merged into one and to be honest, I don't know how I made it through each day. These days both of my children are teething so you can imagine now what my days are like. Little lady has a total of eight new teeth emerging and little man has only the one at the moment. I know these days aren't forever and they'll soon be back to their bubbly selves but for now, it's loads of mummy cuddles and teething medicine. 

Take Out Time For Yourself
I find that taking a relaxing bubble bath, a much-needed nap or wasting some time browsing the net, really helps me feel refreshed. I am an introvert by nature and need my alone time otherwise, I can't seem to function. These things take only a small chunk of time out of my day but they really do make the days (especially the tough ones) manageable.

Family & Mummy Friends Are Essential
During my pregnancy, I took some antenatal classes and met a few other women and since then we've managed to keep in touch via WhatsApp. Since becoming a mother it's good to know that there are other mothers out there, who are going through the same struggles as me and can share advice/tips when needed. Facebook groups are also a great way to meet other mothers and get advice, one which I tend to frequent these days is the Channel Mum Group.

What things have you learnt about motherhood?
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